Dave Ellis

iOS Developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Specialising in modern Swift and SwiftUI technology and coming with additional management experience.

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iOS Development

Proficient in Swift, developing high-quality iOS applications from concept to deployment. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver seamless user experiences.

Bug Fixing & Optimisation

Demonstrated expertise in identifying and resolving bugs, glitches, and performance issues in iOS apps. Optimized code and enhanced memory management for improved app performance.

Continuous Learning and Innovation

Actively pursued professional development, staying updated with the latest iOS trends and technologies and specialising in Swift and SwiftUI. Engaged in developer communities and online WWDC attendee.

Head of IT

Successfully led and managed IT operations, overseeing the implementation and maintenance of technology infrastructure, systems and hardware. Implementation of ISO27001.


2021 - Current

Head of IT / iOS Developer

  • iOS feature implementation for clients
  • iOS bug fixes & optimisation
  • Implementation of ISO 27001
  • Leading Support & Hardware Teams
  • Ownership of all hardware & software systems
  • JavaScript Automations
2020 - 2021

Support Manager

  • Managing internal & external support desks
  • Deployment of hardware assets
  • JavaScript Automations
2019 - 2020

IT Associate

  • Managing internal support desk
  • Deployment of hardware assets
  • JavaScript Automations
2013 - 2019

Major Emergency Management Instructor / Technician

  • Creation of bespoke Oil & Gas simulations
  • Training Control Room Operators in emergency response and crisis management


2022 - Current
In development


Scottish hiking app, designed to make accessibility to hill climbing much more accessible to the general public.

2020 - Current


Motorsport calendar app utlising modern iOS Technology. Covers 50+ motorsport series with race start times. Includes time zone conversions, notifications, widgets, watchOS and custimisable views.

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2,757 mi

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